Lacre is an open source solution to email encryption at rest.

Lacre provides transparent multiplatform and based on existing cryptographic standards way to secure all incoming emails.

By utilizing well known and established PGP protocol, it is compatible with many modern client software. Thus being client software agnostic and vendor lock free.

Lacre software provides trully end to end encryption of emails at rest (aka mailbox) by not storyng any private keys on the server. Making it impossible to decrypt without the user’s device.

Lacre is plugable. Working as a postfix filter, Lacre does not require in-house SMTP server solution providing seamless integration into existing infrastructure.

Lacre is open and free!!! By providing open source solution using existing standards, Lacre enables practically any email provider to enable protection of email at rest. Moreover. Every new Lacre enabled mailserver increases security of end to end email encryption in transit. This is achieved by harnessing the power of PGP, that allows to encrypt email between any PGP user, meaning that the message will remain encrypted entire way between sender and recipient without even a need for Lacre to do anything. Role of Lacre in this case is mearly to help popularize open encryption standards.

The goal of Lacre is to make it obsolete! The more PGP becomes used on the internet, the less need for soluitons like Lacre. If all emails are by default end to end encrypted using open interoperable standards, there are no longer plain text emails sent.

Lacre serves as a bridge between current situation where most of the email is transported and stored in plaintext and new situation where all emails are end to end encrypted using open standards.